Profiler Plus

One Profile for All of Your Events

Build your athletic resume so that college coaches can view your profile at events. Compete in events and have your information save automatically to your Profiler Plus account.

Video Library

Store Games and Videos

Build your online video library. Games purchased from events we stream will appear on your profile. You can also upload your own game films or highlight reels and share with coaches.

Highlight Maker

Save All of Your Best Moments

Use our built in Highlight Maker tool to create your own highlight videos. Mark your best plays and save clips from the games in your library. Turn your favorite moments into a video to share with coaches.

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Profiler Plus is FREE and includes:

Player Profile
Build your own athletic resume that college coaches can access online, at our events.
Video Library
Establish your own "full game" film library so you can watch your games on demand.
Highlight Maker
Cut your plays and create a highlight video that college coaches can access online.

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